Case details

Court: caed
Docket #: 2:12-cv-01063
Case Name: AF Holdings LLC v. Doe
PACER case #: 238039
Date filed: 2012-04-23
Date terminated: 2012-07-26
Date of last filing: 2012-07-26
Case Cause: 17:101 Copyright Infringement
Nature of Suit: Copyright


Date Filed Document # Attachment # Short Description Long Description Upload date SHA1 hash
2012-04-23 1 0 Complaint
2012-04-23 2 0 Civil Cover Sheet
2012-04-23 3 0 Statement
2012-04-24 5 0 Copyright New Case Documents for JAM
2012-04-24 6 0 Summons
2012-05-03 7 0 Ex Parte Application
2012-05-23 8 0 Order ORDER signed by Magistrate Judge Kendall J. Newman on 5/22/12 ORDERING that plaintiff's 7 ex parte application to conduct expedited discovery is GRANTED. (Kastilahn, A) 2012-05-24 07:33:59 741a7f1c7b9a3468ad61dbc93417480ff80f7986
2012-05-24 9 0 Amended Complaint
2012-05-24 10 0 Motion for Miscellaneous Relief
2012-05-24 11 0 Minute Order
2012-05-24 12 0 Declaration
2012-05-30 13 0 Order on Motion for Miscellaneous Relief ORDER signed by Magistrate Judge Kendall J. Newman on 5/29/2012 GRANTING plaintiff's 10 Motion for Administrative Relief of Order amending Court's 5/23/2012 8 Order. Plaintiff's 7 Ex Parte Application to conduct expedited discove ry is GRANTED for the reasons stated in 5/23/2012 8 Order and as further supported by plaintiff's First Amended Complaint, Motion for Administrate Relief, and Supplemental Declarations of Brett L. Gibbs and Peter Hansmeier. Plaintiff may immed iately serve a Subpoena pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 45 on Bright House Networks to identify name and contact information for John Doe defendant associated with IP address and may also serve such Subpoenas on any "i ntermediary" or "lessee" ISP that is identified as a result of Subpoena served on Bright House Networks as providing defendant John Doe with Internet services at IP address Such Subpoenas shall be limited in scope and may only seek following information about defendant John Doe: name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. A copy of this Order and Court's 5/23/2012 8 Order shall be attached to any such Subpoena. (Marciel, M) 2012-05-31 07:30:03 553d11261e4501804ca54042bf199f623d19306d
2012-07-25 14 0 Notice of Voluntary Dismissal
2012-07-26 15 0 Notice of Voluntary Dismissal